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Frederic Otto Gmeiner

AI Visualizer —
Making Machine Learning Graspable

For: Arago
With: FELD studio

The AI Visualizer is a software tool for exploring complex data structures used in the automation of maintenance and supervision of large-scale IT infrastructures. The tool is a visual front-end to the underlying HIRO system by Arago. This company specializes in automating data environments using machine-learning techniques and graph-based algorithms. It offers different visualization formats that represent the data, making the system easier to navigate and more intuitive to understand – both for system specialists and non-expert users.

The environment is centered around the graph browser. The main structure is clustered into several subgraphs, each representing a different system part. All events in the connected system are represented by virtual agents showing the progress of any issue that may arise in real time. The software is designed to run on various devices – from single-screen laptops and tablets to multi-screen setups in a control room environment.

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