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Frederic Otto Gmeiner

Extracts of Local Distance —
Generative Architectural Collages

Self-initiated research project
with FELD studio | source images by Klaus Frahm

Using a vast archive of fragmented architectural photographs, this tool allows users to construct multilayered collages with a unique, abstract point of view. The underlying algorithm first analyzes the original images according to their vanishing points. Then, it reassembles them in an entirely new aesthetic beyond the perspectives of the photographer and architect.

Extracts of Local Distance is a research project demonstrating a unique approach to processing and visualizing already existing data sets – in this case, a strategy to compose synthetic architectural photographs that allow the viewer to gain a fresh perspective on familiar places and iconic buildings. The resulting images shake off the restrictions placed on the viewer’s perception of space by creating the illusion of an entirely new spatial reality.

Based on the initial analysis of the source material, the images are digitally sliced into pieces that retain the original information of their positions relative to the vanishing point and lines of perspective. Forming a large data pool, the fragments can be newly aligned in endless variations, establishing a unique viewpoint each time.

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︎︎ 2023